Our Information Management & Protection solution portfolio aims to help clients address concerns regarding management and handling of key information and data in their organization. This revolves around planning and designing a strong data management strategy, from storage of the data to implementing an effective backup and restore strategy. Other concerns surrounding handling of data include retention requirements, and whether data archival is required to reach a compromise between compliance and cost of storage. There are also security concerns on protecting data, be it at rest, in motion, or in use.  Key questions that arise out of the topic of Information Protection commonly revolve around how to secure a device from malicious activities such that data is not illegally tampered with or damaged, how to be in control of outflow of sensitive data, and how to ensure data is accessible only to the intended/approved recipients or readers.

Backup, Restore & Archiving

We provide solutions and services to our clients to design and implement a robust data backup-restore-archiving solution. Our approach takes into account all parameters involved in the design of a practical and effective data management strategy, where requirements from all stakeholders are taken into consideration so that data management specifications meet business and compliance requirements, as well as optimizing operational efficiency.

Data Leakage Prevention (DLP)

Organizations today are increasingly aware of the threats of sensitive and confidential data leaving the company boundaries in an uncontrolled manner.  Companies who experience leakage of such sensitive data are often impacted in the form of loss of competitive edge due to classified intellectual property falling into the wrong hands, loss of consumer trust and damage to corporate image especially when such data leakages are made public, and even legal liability in the event of breach of regulatory compliance.

SecurePath, through Symantec's Data Loss Prevention product, can offer our customers a robust and industry-proven solution to help them address the issue of data leakage prevention.  It addresses the question of content-aware data leakage at 3 key egress points, i.e. at the Network level (email and web gateways), at the Storage level (network fileshares, document repositories, etc), and at the Endpoint level (desktops, notebooks, mobile devices).  Customers have the option of only monitoring the illicit outflow of data, or preventing it from happening by triggering certain responses (e.g. blocking an email, dropping a web connection, preventing a copy to USB device, etc).


Our Encryption portfolio is centered around the Symantec Encryption family of products , which enable organizations to deliver data protection with centralized policy management. The solutions provide encryption at virtually all levels where data can reside, be it data on an endpoint, data on a network shared folder, data in transit (emails), and data in use (peripheral devices).  For high-risk devices such mobile laptops, the Symantec Drive Encryption product encrypts the entire harddisk so that data will remain protected in the event of loss or theft of the mobile device.  There is also a Command Line product that enables organizations to quickly and easily integrate encryption into batch processes, scripts and applications to ensure the security of corporate data at rest or in transit.

Information-Centric Security

Information Security should always be viewed in the context of what data is being used, by whom, and in what manner. Information-centric security provides a solution that addresses concerns around data access such that only the right people will have access to the right data, through a combination of encryption and cloud-based authentication. If data is found to have been wrongly distributed, or that the recipient is no longer privileged to view the data contents, access rights can be remotely revoked instantly. This can be configured as a policy-based action, or enforced on an ad-hoc basis if the need arises.

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