One of the hottest trends in the current IT landscape is the area of IT Governance, Risk and Compliance.  Organizations face mounting challenges in the onslaught of multiple compliance regulations, with Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), ISO 27001 ISMS, and Payment Card Industry (PCI-DSS) being the most talked about in recent times.  Through our Governance, Risk & Compliance portfolio, we aim to help our clients address key concerns with Risk and Compliance topics mentioned here, and beyond.

With the proliferation of the Internet, and with more and more businesses moving their core systems to the cloud and conducting business online, the threat and frequency of cyber attacks on these systems have seen an exponential growth in recent years. Driven mostly by financial gains, hackers these days target big organizations for their most valuable asset, i.e. data. Any form of data, be it credit card information, personal records, healthcare records, etc., that they can get hold of can easily be monetized in the black market these days, especially in places like the dark web. Organizations need to have a robust and exhaustive cyber defence strategy in order to counter all these attacks.

Our Information Management & Protection solution portfolio aims to help clients address concerns regarding management and handling of key information and data in their organization. This revolves around planning and designing a strong data management strategy, from storage of the data to implementing an effective backup and restore strategy. Other concerns surrounding handling of data include retention requirements, and whether data archival is required to reach a compromise between compliance and cost of storage. There are also security concerns on protecting data, be it at rest, in motion, or in use.  Key questions that arise out of the topic of Information Protection commonly revolve around how to secure a device from malicious activities such that data is not illegally tampered with or damaged, how to be in control of outflow of sensitive data, and how to ensure data is accessible only to the intended/approved recipients or readers.

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